Prayer Shawl Ministry

          Our Prayer Shawl Ministry began in 2006, and continues to be an important part of our outreach to persons in need and to those celebrating life’s joys.  These shawls are created prayerfully and joyfully to express our love, and the loving care of God to others.

            To date, over 100 shawls have been blessed and given through this ministry.  Our shawls have been placed in a casket with a deceased loved one, have been placed on a gurney as a loved one entered an operating room, have moved to a new location with a much-loved church family, and have traveled out of state to welcome a new grandchild.  Many of the shawls stay at home with those who bodies and spirits are wounded.

            We thank God for calling us to be part of this loving ministry--one that urges us to reach beyond ourselves to show the gift of God’s love to others.

            If you can knit, crochet, or quilt, please consider making a shawl(s) for this unique ministry.  It is suggested that shawls be made of various sizes, patterns, and colors---some appropriate for gentlemen or ladies, children and infants.

            If you know of a need for a prayer shawl or would like to donate to this ministry, please contact Judy Burkholder (540-433-9715) or email